April 14, 2021

They claim the leader of the main party of the Government of Melilla to “ask for forgiveness” for flying without permission

In a telematic press conference this Tuesday, Moh said that “when a person makes a mistake, the most logical thing is for them to assume it, recognize it and apologize to the public. That is what Aberchán should do.”

The government representative, to questions from media professionals, has referred to the controversy that has arisen as a result of the plane trip by the cepemista leader, Mustafa Aberchan, and that has caused a crossroads of statements with the secretary general of his main government partner, Gloria Rojas (PSOE).

“It should be Aberchán who gives the pertinent explanations of why he took that plane without authorization to go from the Instituto de Gestión Sanitaria (Ingesa) and without authorization to return to Melilla and without authorization from the Delegation. And when I say that there was no an authorization is not because it was denied, but because it was not directly requested, “he has made clear.

In the opinion of the delegate of the Government, “it is not acceptable that a person uses his political or medical condition to take a plane posing as the person who was supposed to take these samples to Madrid, when it has never been done by those channels “.

In the words of Sabrina Moh, at the moment, “due to the serious crisis we are suffering and in order to continue working together, it would be appropriate for Aberchán to recognize that he was wrong, to ask for forgiveness and not to try to cover up his actions by putting the focus in the Delegation because it is not of receipt “.

Finally, he stressed that, due to the health crisis we are experiencing, “the Government Delegation cannot entertain itself with leaks.” “Even if you did not have a health crisis, the Government Delegation would not be dedicated to leaks, since your only concern is to be at the service of the public,” he said.

Both the PSOE and the CPM have postponed the demand for responsibilities after the current coronavirus crisis has been overcome, although they have not advanced if this will affect the government coalition that they maintain in the Autonomous City chaired by the only Deputy of Citizens in the Assembly, Eduardo de Castro, after the pact signed with the cepemistas (8 deputies) and socialists (4).


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