April 11, 2021

They choose the classic

They choose the classic

From the beginning of the red carpet the thing seemed to be going well. One of the first to arrive at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses in Seville was Ruben Ochandiano, who came impeccably with a tuxedo signed by Salvatore Ferragamo and who chose to combine with some shoes that caught the attention of the French firm Christian Louboutin. His bow tie was without a doubt the best of the night.

The black was the winning color, and that Aldo Comas captivated the entire audience with his white Avellaneda tuxedo that went with the dress of his girl, Macarena Gómez, who bet on Teresa Helbig. The two opted for two designers based in Barcelona and with a passion for craftsmanship, proving that they are a couple of the most combined. As a detail, the spectacular velvet Aldo flaps of Loro Liana. But we were talking about the Negro. Alfonso Bassave, of Scalpers, and Álex González, of Dolce & Gabbana, two regulars of the first positions of the elegant ones of any party, returned to stand out above the average. In the case of Bassave, for a three-piece option; in González's, for his great attitude to defend a simple design. And, above all, Paco León, who seems to have been clear that, when the party was held in his soul Sevilla had to give everything and we did it: crossed jacket tuxedo and a precious jewel brooch on the lapel. The three were undoubtedly the best dressed men of the gala.

But not everything was good news. If Eduardo Casanova's bet seemed excessive, so was Miguel Ángel Muñoz's tuxedo, an option of silver damask flowers from Dolce & Gabbana that perhaps should have been reserved for the catwalk and not for the Goya. Something similar happened to Brays Efe, who again trusted the Outsiders Division and, although last year we enjoyed it, it was too repetitive. And the most difficult to understand was the blue suit, without a tie, with which Juan Diego stepped on the carpet: a genius like him should set an example to young talents. But none of the three tarnished an appointment where the men left the male pavilion very high. Elegance allied with Seville, the occasion deserved it.


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