October 25, 2020

They celebrate the birthday of a small survivor of a US shooting with a caravan.

A large caravan of vehicles and motorcycles celebrated the first year of a little boy who survived nine months ago a shooting in the US city of El Paso, on the border with Mexico, that caused 23 deaths, including the parents of the minor, they reported this Monday local media.

Wearing a blue jacket and pantsuit, golden epaulets, a cape and a crown, Paul Gilbert Anchondo saw numerous motorcyclists, neighbors and friends of his family parade who decided to accompany him and filled him with gifts for his anniversary.

With just two months of age, this little boy survived on August 3, 2019, the attack perpetrated by a subject in the Walmart shopping center in El Paso, which has been considered by the authorities as a racist hate crime against the Hispanic community .

The boy’s family, according to the US network CNN, said last August that the attacker pointed at the boy’s mother, identified as Jordan Anchondo, and his father, Andre Anchondo, intervened to protect them.

The woman, who was also hit by the shots, protected her son with her body. Paul was carried by the first lady, Melania Trump, during the visit that US President Donald Trump made to El Paso shortly after the massacre.

On April 26, Guillermo “Memo” García, a victim of the shooting, died after almost nine months hospitalized and raised the death toll to 23.

El Paso is a border city with Mexico with about 700,000 inhabitants, and, according to Census data, more than 80% of the population is of Hispanic origin.

On February 12, the alleged mastermind of this shooting, Patrick Crusius, pleaded “not guilty” to the 90 federal charges brought against him, which he refused to listen to.

Days after the massacre, The Washington Post newspaper released a document stating that the alleged perpetrator of the attack confessed to police when he was detained that his objective was to kill “Mexicans.”


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