They capture a racing car flying over the sky of Ibiza

Racing car flying over the sky of Ibiza

Racing car flying over the sky of Ibiza

Leto Orduña, member of the Astronomical Association of Ibiza This morning has captured a racing car flying over the sky of Ibiza.

The Planetarium of Madrid has shared the image of the fireball on its social networks.

What is a racing car?

The Research Network on Bolides and Meteorites describes these phenomena as brighter shooting stars, with a brightness equal to or greater than that of Venus. They originate when a rock of interplanetary origin penetrates the Earth's atmosphere at speeds between 11 and 73 kilometers hours. They are usually rocks dislodged from asteroidsComets from the Moon or Mars, although the latter are much stranger.

The luminous groove that they leave as they pass through the atmosphere persists for about several seconds and it can even reach half an hour on some occasions.

A fireball can also detect accompanied by acoustic phenomena such as an explosion and sometimes fragments of the meteor that has resisted volatilization after entering the atmosphere can be found on the ground.

Captured numerous times

The cameras from the Astronomical Group of Ibiza at the Puig dels Molins Observatory have captured different fireballs on numerous occasions.


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