they call me a son of a bitch and nothing happens

they call me a son of a bitch and nothing happens

Messi broke his silence after his umpteenth disappointment with Argentina. The clear defeat against Venezuela in the Metropolitan Wanda (1-3) has unleashed criticism against the striker in his own country. I did not play with the albiceleste since the World Cup in Russia and the reunion has not been as expected. Neither could win his team or reconciled with many fans who believe that he does not play as well with his country as with Barcelona and he does not feel the shield. "My six-year-old son asks me why they kill me in Argentina," confessed the 10 to 947 FM radio after the latest wave of criticism.

They accuse him of erasing the second of the friendlies of this FIFA date, which was against Morocco. According to the medical part of the selection, he was discharged due to a reproduction of his discomfort in the groin and it was decided to return to his club. What happened is that a few days later appeared some photos in which he was seen going to the communion of a son of Cesc Fabregas, which reopened the controversy in Argentina. Many accused him of having abandoned his team, something that none of the stars that preceded him wearing that shirt would do. "That communion was already planned a long time ago ... The best in the world must always be, as Maradona did, whether he plays or not!" They cried in the sports television programs in Argentina.

It is clear that Messi's relationship with his team does not find the right way, but the star is willing to continue wearing that shirt and win something big. What makes him angry is that they invent a lot of things and that nothing happens. "They say so many barbarities that in the end it remains that I am a son of a bitch who handles the selection," he concluded.


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