August 10, 2020

They burned the house of a Bolivian governor in a new day of protests

The house of the governor of the Bolivian department of Oruro, Victor Hugo Vásquez, of the official Movement for Socialism (MAS), was set on fire on Saturday, allegedly by protesters opposed to the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in the middle of a day of police riots in protest against his re-election, which they consider fraudulent.

According to videos posted by MAS militants and Oruro residents, a group of people looted and burned the leader's house in that region of the west of the country.

Last Wednesday a mob set fire to the City Hall of the city of Vinto, whose mayor, also the official Patricia Arce, was dragged down the street, where they sprayed her with paint and cut her hair, until she was rescued by the Police.

Maple was running barefoot on the street between shoves, until he fell to the ground among a crowd that shouted "murderous," as Bolivian media images showed.

These acts of vandalism are recorded in the midst of the uprising of several groups of police in different Bolivian cities between Friday night and Saturday, in protest at the elections on October 20 in which President Evo Morales won, even the opposition and civic movements denounce that there was an electoral fraud.

Precisely this Saturday the president of Bolivia called on the opposition to participate in a dialogue table in search of the pacification of the country.

The protests, which already leave three dead and 384 wounded, according to data from the Ombudsman's Office, have been going on for almost three weeks in Bolivia after opposition and citizen movements denounced fraud in the vote count in favor of the president, who the electoral body gave as winner for a fourth consecutive term.

The country's opposition and civic committees do not recognize Morales' victory, demand his resignation and demand new elections.

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