Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

They burn effigies of Lopez Obrador and Trump in a Mexican migratory station

They burn effigies of Lopez Obrador and Trump in a Mexican migratory station

Migrants and activists burned effigies on Saturday of the presidents of Mexico and the United States, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Donald Trump, in front of the Siglo XXI migration station in Tapachula, southeast Chiapas state.

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In the middle of the agglomeration of more than 500 mostly African migrants who have been waiting here for several days waiting to be assisted by the National Institute of Migration and obtain a safe-conduct to cross the country to the United States, a demonstration was held in defense of travelers.

The Cuban Denis Hernandez manifested himself carrying a huge wooden cross on his shoulders and asked to expedite the process to obtain the safe conduct to continue his journey.

Dressed in a suit and tie and posing as Trump, Hernández arrived at the migrant station, where he embraced migrant children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Haiti.

"If I have to give my life on this cross, I will give it, they have not answered, there is no way out of documents or good morning, we are physically and mentally exhausted, we do not understand why we are not given our job of leaving. strike, we wait for departure, "he said.

Then he entered the office of the National Institute of Migration, where protesters threw eggs at the walls, provoking the anger of the personnel of the health module that provides medical attention to the migrants.

Immediately, figures made with paper and fireworks were hung from a tree inside and the effigies of López Obrador, Trump, the Mexican Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, and Yadira de los Santos, delegate of the National Institute of Migration.

Meanwhile, migrants and activists shouted "No to deportation."

Luis Villagaray, a member of the Human Dignification Center, said that it is in protest because more than 200 migrants have been deported since Thursday, a policy that, he said, is favoring discrimination. "That is why we burn the effigy of these people," he said.

"There was a flight to Havana and another Haiti, for that there is a system, for that there is money, for that there is everything, we burn for the double discourse, the wall is here, it is the wall of Donald Trump, here it begins in Soconusco, what a shame and what a shame, "he added.


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