Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

They buried in Argentina a dead man in the Falklands war who recognized the Red Cross

They buried in Argentina a dead man in the Falklands war who recognized the Red Cross

The family of the Argentine Captain Luis Castagnari, who died in the Malvinas war of 1982, buried him today in the city of Río Cuarto (province of Córdoba), which makes him the first soldier buried in Argentine mainland of the fallen recently recognized. by the Red Cross.

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This international organization seeks to identify the Argentine ex-combatants who were buried unidentified in the islands after the war that confronted Argentina and the United Kingdom for the sovereignty of the archipelago, which ended with the victory of the European country.

The Argentine human rights secretary, Claudio Avruj, described this case before the media as something "exceptional", alleging that the "immense majority" of the relatives want their deceased to remain buried in the cemetery of Darwin, in Malvinas.

The decision to return it to the continent was made by the wife and children of Castagnari because the captain asked for it in life before leaving for the islands, 36 years ago, the media reported.

"We have to recognize that the Malvinas war, the aftermath of the war was very badly worked (...) There was inability and insensibility on the part of the State to understand that for any situation should be privileged to individuals and families," he argued. Avruj during the ceremony in homage to the ex-combatant, who was transferred from the islands on Wednesday.

According to the state news agency, Telam, this transfer of the body of an Argentine fallen Falklands is an almost unprecedented fact with only one antecedent: in September 2008 some skeletal remains of another soldier were delivered to his family and buried in Villa Carlos Paz , after they were returned by the United Kingdom after spending 26 years in a police station on the islands.

In the contest between both countries for the sovereignty of the Malvinas, 255 British, 3 islanders and 649 Argentines died.

The identifications of the 105 soldiers that have so far taken place are part of a program carried out by the International Red Cross on the basis of a 2016 agreement between Argentina and the United Kingdom to identify the remains of the fighters buried in Darwin. gravestones with the legend "Argentine soldier only known by God".


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