June 1, 2020

They begin to install Christmas lighting in Vigo, with 10 million LEDs

The installation of the Christmas lights of Vigo has started this Wednesday, when there are still ten days left until the end of the summer, in a central street with the presence of the mayor, Abel Caballero, who has promised "the most important Christmas lighting ever there has never been in any city. "

Ten million LED lights, 2,700 arcs of lights, 465 gleaming trees and 334 illuminated streets of the 1,700 that the city has are this year's figures, which exceed those of last Christmas, and that had a huge media impact.

In addition, Caballero has announced the installation of an even taller Christmas tree, a ferris wheel of more than 60 meters, a Christmas village and three markets, all of which require time, hence the rush to start these works.

For all this, the City Council of Vigo will invest a little more than 800,000 euros, according to the councilman, and everything should be ready by 8:00 p.m. on November 23, at which time the official lighting of the Christmas lights will take place.

"I invite all the mayors and mayors of Spain, but especially the 47 million Spaniards," said Caballero, who has promised a "grand party."

According to the mayor, Vigo received two million visits last year and "given the hotel reservations it is reasonable to think that we will overcome that figure by far."

Caballero has assured that the glow of Vigo will be seen throughout Spain, but also in New York, London, Rome or Paris.

However, the mayor wanted to remember that "the greatest attraction of Christmas lights is the people of Vigo."

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