August 9, 2020

They attack with graffiti of 'vendeobreros' the headquarters of Compromís in Valencia, a day after the headquarters of PSPV and PP

On this occasion, the graffiti is also accompanied by the signature of 'Youth against the workers' and the logo of this group. In addition, there are also messages of 'you are scum' and 'by the workers power'.

This has been denounced through social networks leaders of the training as the regional secretary of Employment, Enric Nomdedéu, and Senator Carles Mulet.

Nomdedéu has shared images of the graffiti in response to a tweet from the PSPV syndic in Las Cortes, Manolo Mata, who precisely denounced a similar attack on the headquarters of the Valencian Socialists on Friday. "My solidarity. I am no less angry than having found ours (headquarters) like this this morning," Nomdedéu moves to Mata. For his part, Mulet has attributed the facts to "fascists who have nothing better to do."

This Friday the headquarters of the PSPV-PSOE and the Popular Party in Valencia suffered attacks with graffiti in which they refer to these formations as "scum". Thus, the entrance of the headquarters of the Valencian Socialists dawned with graffiti in which you can also read 'Against your betrayal our organization', 'Sell workers' and 'You are scum'.

Likewise, in the building that houses the headquarters of the PP in the Valencian capital there were also painted in the following terms: "You sell our homeland to the capital. You are scum."

There is the circumstance that last week, Compromís denounced to the police the appearance of graffiti at its headquarters. "Arran does not forgive traidors (Arran does not forgive traitors)."

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