"They attack the working class of our country"

"I think the one who has attacked the Commission is the hard-working people of our country," assured the leader of Podemos in an interview at Cadena SER, collected by Europa Press.

"Why is it not real to raise the minimum wage, when in the surrounding countries it is much higher? Why is it not real to make a tax reform that brings us closer to the European average?" Iglesias responded to criticism received by the Commission and the IMF, which claims to "learn to respect the sovereignty" of the Spanish Government.

Also, before the doubts expressed about the income that the Government has in its Budgets, the leader of Podemos has claimed that the accounts are reliable. "We calculate the income well, who has to defend it in Europe is the minister," he stressed, pointing to the role of the Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño.


With regard to the IMF's projections on Spain, which criticized the rise in the minimum wage, asked to raise VAT and implement environmental taxes, Iglesias has called this position "irresponsible", accusing the agency of offering "social misery and more cuts" to Spain.

After this criticism, asked if he joined the position expressed by the Government of Italy, controlled by the coalition between right-wingers and populists, Iglesias has distanced himself from Rome, saying that the Italian is a "xenophobic" executive who "is not right" .

However, he wanted to show that, in his opinion, it has been especially the lack of social rights that has caused the rise of the extreme right in countries like Italy.

"What happens in Italy is the result of the failure of the Commission, fortunately the response in Spain to the economic crisis was Podemos and there was no xenophobic or reactionary translation," said the 'purple' leader, indicating that Brussels has to understand this reality, which has compared to what is experienced in Portugal Executive of Portugal.


On the other hand, he has assured about the Budget project that the Government must make a "greater effort" to get the parliamentary support to approve the accounts. For this reason he asks him to redouble the effort to take the PGE forward: "We all have to talk a little less and do a little more".

According to the 'purple' leader, this involves recognizing all the political interlocutors and increasing the number of meetings. "You have to meet a lot with everyone, all the time, you have to sit down, you have to spend many hours ... and with all that, things may not come out, I think you have to do a little more," he said.

"Lately there are many politicians who exclusively say things through the media, you have to sit down and talk more," he criticized.

Iglesias has recognized the possibility of elections being held in the first quarter of 2019 if the budgets are not approved, although he has stated that his party will continue to bet on them.


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