April 13, 2021

They attack the Real Madrid hotel with fireworks

They attack the Real Madrid hotel with fireworks

2019-02-14 10:15:25

The detonation of firecrackers and pyrotechnic material occurred twice, once at 02.00 am and another at 03.30 am in the vicinity of the Okura Hotel, and an F-Side Twitter account associated with Ajax ultras broadcast a video through of social networks.
The police source did not disclose if the detainees are members of F-Side, although he confirmed that they are still in police station and are of Dutch nationality.
The action caused the alarm of motorcycles in the area to jump and the lights of several rooms of the Okura hotel to go on, a witness told the local newspaper AT5.
In Holland, the use of fireworks is only allowed on New Year's Eve and its use on a different day is punishable by a fine of 100 euros, although the penalties may be higher if the material used is illegal.


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