February 26, 2021

"They asked me to hide a camera in a bikini"

Even for a summer terrace choose art. He welcomes us between his boutique and the Thyssen museum. Retailer even with onomásticas. He confesses that his father, at the beginning, did not want him to devote himself to fashion and that's why he invested the letters of his last name for the firm. It shows the dossiers where he compiles the electrocardiogram of fashion with the trends of past centuries. He knows how to sew magic, dressed the Little Mermaid from Disney and hopes that "in 30 years fashion will have generated more than anxiety every six months." For him, his grandmother was a diva. «He knew how to surprise, by his way of being aware of everything and remembering everything».

Can you be a muse of Hannibal Laguna without measuring 1.80?

Of course yes. The firm's muses have always been iconic women, like the image I had in my childhood when I watched movies with my grandparents. They were stars who in their private and public life projected the same. Of that there is much in the world of Hannibal Laguna. She is a woman worried about romanticism, her sensuality and very free; probably the opposite of the muses of the 30s or 40s. You can be the muse of a firm with such marked characteristics because all women at some point in their life want to be divas or exercise it. Paz Vega or Sofia Loren are the kind of woman I like.

Is dressing with tracksuit the new glamor?

Fashion is cyclical and the tracksuit or sportswear is not something new. In the 80s it also became fashionable. In these centuries we live the democratization of trends. It seems that everything is taken today and everything fits. I am not particularly excited because I think it would take much more.

The devil dresses Prada. If he dressed in Hannibal Laguna, what would it be?

Those who dress in Hannibal Laguna are what they want to be. We have those who love us very much and love us or those who do not identify anything. So, those who worship us are angels to me.

Being so close to Congress, have you noticed if politics is a badly made, ripped, broken suit …?

Politics is not fashion because fashion is not boring for spectators or users, and politics now is and has become a bit of a tiring loop.

What do you think of the deputies in jeans and without a tie?

I am glad that there is no obligation to wear a tie. I think I rarely put them on. There are many ways to dress while maintaining a good use of the sense of protocol. I don't think the tie has to be mandatory for any sector. It is proven that all the gentlemen who have cheated and cheated us were wearing ties.

Have you been asked to camouflage a state secret among your dresses or patterns?

No … but I did have the opportunity to hide something inside a bikini. I was doing a bathroom collection and journalist Pedro Piqueras had a TV show and they asked me if I could put a hidden camera in one to see what the model saw when I was on the catwalk. It was with Laura Sánchez. The camera was in her hair and the rest were in a kind of holster type James Bond. It was interesting.

They say that all dresses have a message What do yours say?

They always talk about that aesthetic freedom that I think is good to keep remembering. When we started writing that story it was at the end of the 80s of the 90s. Then it was not understood that a lawyer or politician or any woman with a relevant position could wear a short skirt or a cleavage. I was frowned upon. Women do not have to disguise themselves as men to prove anything.

Does dressing well empower you?

I think that dressing well gives security, power is something else.

With a dress could we create an international conflict?

Yes. Seeing how things are today I think we could create a conflict with anything and why not, with a dress. Besides, it would be fun … but it wouldn't be ours.

Is it more of analog or virtual dresses?

I am more than crafts, but because in this house we have decided to go that way. We do not turn our backs on progress, but I move away from everything that is a trend and there is a moment in the industrial process that we break and do it by hand.

How would Laguna have dressed the astronauts?

I think I would not have been chosen because being as artisan as I am would surely leak everywhere. My mother told me that when I turned three I was in Spain with my parents and they brought me from Venezuela a piñata that was an Apollo.

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