November 26, 2020

They ask to seal the raft of toxic water in an old popular mine on Instagram

The group Salvemos A Cabana has requested the seal for the health risks of toxic waste ponds in old mines of the municipalities of Carballo and Malpica Coruña, which, because of its turquoise blue color, have become a tourist attraction for many 'instagramers '

The environmental platform requires the drainage and sealing of mining ponds in the face of the risk of accidents and the demonstrated toxicity of the water in the ponds, where there is an "alarming presence" of elements such as aluminum that pose a "risk to public health and the ecosystems".

Most of the photographs taken in the area of ​​Mount Neme are made from the outside of the rafts, but there are several users of this social network that have suffered "vomiting", "dizziness" and "skin irritations" after having bathed in the waters.

The association denounces that the Neme mountain has failed to comply with the applicable legislation both at the regional and European level.

They censure, therefore, the carelessness of the Xunta in this regard and ask the Galician Government for an "effective solution" that prohibits access to the abandoned wolfram mine in which there are rafts of toxic mining waste.

Currently, there are some signs prohibiting the passage, but nothing physically prevents it. In fact, on the Instagram social network there are more than 2,000 publications located in this location.

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