May 16, 2021

They ask that virtual assistants stop having the voice of a woman – The Province

They ask that virtual assistants stop having the voice of a woman - The Province

The agencyTango, Next to theNational Confederation of WomeninEqualityand the Men's Association for Gender Equality(AHIGE)has launched the campaign'Voices In Equality'to ask that virtual assistants likeSiri or Alexastop having the voice of a woman

With this initiative they intend to claim gender equality in virtual assistants. In addition to opening the debate around this issue, they will make a request toRenfe and Correos, both public entities, to change theidentity of your assistants.

"Sometimes gender stereotypes are so established in our daily lives that they go unnoticed," the promoters of the campaign say.Siri (the virtual assistant of Apple), Cortana (of Android), Alexa (of Amazon), Aura (Movistar), Samsung (Byxby), Irene (Renfe), and Sara (Correos)they are the example that the voices and identity constructed of the majority of the virtual assistants are feminine or project an image of a woman.

According to denounce the promoters of the campaign, this "is the result of various studies that say that users of all genres prefer to interact with women, as the female voice is perceived as more helpful, instead of male voices, associated with the authority".

"Men rule, women obey"

In this context, they denounce that "it perpetuates a gender stereotype and hinders social change". Thus, the entities that have launched this campaign pretend"fight"the inequality that is based on that"Men rule and women obey."

The advertising agencyTangoº, with the collaboration of theNational Confederation of Women in Equalityand theAssociation of Men for Gender Equality, wants to point out and denounce one of the "most discreet ways that gender stereotypes have of becoming evident and perpetuated". Through the hashtag#VocesEnIgualdadThis campaign invites to share this visual content or to show examples that each person finds.


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