They ask that stabilization options be given to 4,333 Canarian interns

They ask that stabilization options be given to 4,333 Canarian interns

ANPE requests that teachers who have been serving on the islands for years have the opportunity to obtain a place in the archipelago next year

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The ANPE Canarias union has reported this Tuesday that it has met with the Minister of Education, Manuela de Armas, to demand that the Canarian Government of
stabilization options to 4,333 interim who reside on the islands.

The union, as detailed in a statement, alerted Manuela Armas of a possible
"call effect" of teachers from the peninsula to the Canary Islands and urged the administration to incorporate measures into the procedure that allow teachers who have been serving on the islands for years to have a real opportunity to
eitherget a place in the archipelago in the next contest.

In April, the Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree modifying the regulation of
entry, access and acquisition of new specialties in teaching bodies, reminds ANPE.

The Royal Decree
regulates two stabilization processes of temporary personnel, the first is through a system of admission by competition-opposition, aimed at positions occupied by temporary personnel in the
previous three years to 12/31/2020, and the second, by means of an exceptional merit contest, which regulates the exceptional call for stabilization of long-term temporary employment, of places temporarily occupied prior to 1/1/2016.

In the
merit contestthe Canary Islands Ministry of Education has announced that it will offer 4,333 places.

For the union, this amount "is much higher than that announced by other autonomous communities, which can generate a
teacher call effect from the peninsula to the islands that harms applicants residing in the Canary Islands«.

For this reason, ANPE understands, on the one hand, that the Ministry must demand a transparent study from each autonomy to verify that
offer the places that correspond to you, according to the established criteria, and, on the other hand, that the Ministry has to articulate a system that promotes the stabilization of interim Canarians.

ANPE proposes that, in order to mitigate the negative effects that may arise from this procedure,
Canary Islands include in its call a day of mandatory face-to-face training for all applicants in which the peculiarities of the archipelagic educational system are detailed and information is provided on the Canarian content to be taught.

“We consider that it would be more feasible, both from a logistical and legal point of view,
hold a training day», points out Pedro Crespo, president of ANPE Canarias.

According to the union, the counselor announced at a recent meeting that the Prime Minister,
Angel Victor Torres will soon receive all
unions, as they had demanded, to address the challenge of stabilizing temporary staff.

In addition to this matter, the union
discussed other issues with the counselorsuch as the curricula, the framework agreement to increase the workforce in education and the negotiation of the order of organization and operation.

Regarding the curricula, still pending approval,
ANPE insisted in that the current teaching load should not be modified and that an option to prevent some subjects -such as Drawing, Music or Economics- from losing teaching time would be to subtract the hours of a new subject,
«Monographic work», whose inclusion is not mandatory.

Regarding the increase in staff announced by the Ministry of Education in
1,600 places compared to the 2019/20 academic yearthe union spokesmen recognized the work of the administration to strengthen the staff.

"This is, without a doubt, good news, but we insist that it would be advisable to guarantee that this
increase in templates it is maintained over time and translates into a reduction in ratios. For this reason, we continue to propose the approval of a multi-year plan to reduce ratios," Crespo reiterated.

Likewise, the union central also demanded that the regulations that regulate the organization and operation of the next course
It is approved in the sectoral table and it is not done unilaterally, like last year, something to which the counselor promised, according to the union.

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