They ask that progress be made in Gran Canaria as the venue for the World Cup

Lucas Bravo de Laguna, president of United for Gran Canaria.

Three months have already passed since the Gran Canaria formation launched its proposal, backed by all the political groups

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The president of United for Gran Canaria, Lucas Bravo de Laguna, has expressed his concern about the "inaction" of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, after it was approved on February 25, with the support of all political groups, his proposal about what
Gran Canaria was one of the venues for the 2030 World Cupwhich will probably be held in Spain and Portugal.

Three months have already passed since the Gran Canaria formation launched its proposal, basing it on the island's football tradition; the wide hotel offer; the existence of a large stadium, with the capacity to increase its capacity; the historical debt of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, by excluding us as the venue for the 1982 World Cup; and the excellent climate of Gran Canaria.

Bravo de Laguna hopes that this silence, on the part of the Cabildo, does not lead to the loss of a "historic opportunity to place Gran Canaria in the international showcase", with the loss of income that this would entail. "We have achieved something very difficult on our island, to agree with all the political parties to carry out a proposal that will excite Gran Canarians, there would be no explanation for this opportunity being lost due to the inaction of the Island Government," he added.

At the same time, he assured that he is aware of the difficulties that this challenge entails, although he considers that it is feasible to execute it. And it is that, he pointed out, Gran Canarians have never feared challenges, and if large projects have been frustrated, it has been due to the attitude of their rulers.

In this regard, he recalled that when he was Sports Counselor of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, he decidedly faced the celebration of the Basketball World Cup, despite the blow that the Governments of Spain and the Canary Islands failed to comply with the investment commitments acquired, and that, despite the recommendations of the leaders of the Popular Party, which governed in Spain, and the Canarian Coalition, which governed in the Canary Islands, it accepted the challenge of continuing to host that World Cup and it was a success.

Lucas Bravo de Laguna hopes that the inaction of the Cabildo, up to now,
is due to an incomprehensible and unacceptable oversight, and there is no background that responds to questions related to the proposal coming out of Unidos por Gran Canaria, and, in this sense, he is convinced that, if it had come out of Antonio Morales' party, they would not only have transferred the proposal, but that they would have pressured the regional executive of the need to initiate the procedures to formalize the candidacy. But in Gran Canaria, the island where, for seven years, everything has been eternally stuck, in what he calls the 'Siam Park Phenomenon', certain things are predestined to be forgotten, and that must change.

On the other hand, at the meeting of the Sports Sector Conference, where the Autonomous Communities were asked to propose venues to host the World Cup matches, the allocation of 35 million euros was approved for the improvement of sports facilities, to which The Gran Canaria Stadium could be accommodated, to address the works to increase capacity, with the expansion of the Rising Stand, and thus reach the
40,000 required locations to host the World Cup, so all possible haste is required in the presentation of the candidacy.

The president of UxGC has concluded by indicating that the president of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, clearly has little interest in seeing this dream of hundreds of thousands of Gran Canarians come to fruition, and this is demonstrated by his refusal to undertake any work on the Gran Canaria Stadium. Canaria, but his duty is to serve the interests of the island and those who inhabit it, so he must be the first to transfer to the Government of the Canary Islands, of which his party and his government partners form part, the agreement of all parties to approve the United for Gran Canaria proposal, and urge the Regional Government to get down to work and propose, to the Government of Spain, Gran Canaria as one of the venues for the 2030 World Cup, in the case It is more than likely that Spain will be designated, together with Portugal, as the organizing country.

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