February 26, 2021

They ask for up to 11 years of prison for the son and brother of the president of Guatemala

The Prosecutor of Guatemala requested this Friday 8 and 11 years in prison for José Manuel and Samuel, son and brother, respectively, of President Jimmy Morales for a possible crime of fraud to the State in 2013.

During the conclusions of the oral and public trial held by the Thirteenth Court of Criminal Sentence, the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity of the Public Ministry requested the issuance of convictions for a score of accused, including the two relatives of the agent, for the known cause as "Loot in the General Registry of Property".

In this sense, the fiscal entity requested Samuel Morales, better known as Samy, 5 years in prison for the crime of fraud and special disqualification to hold public office for the same period, 6 years for laundering money or other assets and a fine of more than $ 23,000.

For the president's son, the Prosecutor's Office requested eight years of incommunicado imprisonment for the crime of fraud on a continuous basis and the special disqualification from holding public office for five years.

Upon leaving the hearing, the president's brother was visibly upset with the media and said that despite the statements made by the press "he will say what he wants", so he invited them to "say what is due "

The investigation, developed by the Office of the Prosecutor and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) and involving another twenty defendants who will also await sentencing for various crimes, indicates that the two allegedly participated in three irregular adjudications in the General Registry of Property (RGP), equivalent to about $ 26,000.

Supposedly neither of them benefited economically from the three purchases made irregularly, but they did an "illicit favor" to benefit the ex-son of the son of the president, Mario Estuardo Orellana López, who also faces this trial.

These three irregular acts were discovered by the authorities during a major investigation that revealed that between January 2012 and May 2015 the signing of 16 anomalous labor contracts in the RGP, known as "ghost plazas" (fictitious), was authorized. more than 3 million quetzales (about 400,000 dollars) as remuneration for work not done.

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