July 25, 2021

They ask for the resignation of the mayor of Torrox (Málaga) for believing positive a sexist crime

They ask for the resignation of the mayor of Torrox (Málaga) for believing positive a sexist crime

The PSOE has today requested the doming of the mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina (PP), who considered "positive" the repercussion that this Malaga town had in the national media after the sexist murder that occurred last week.

The vice-secretary provincial of the PSOE, Fuensanta Lima, has asked in a statement the "immediate resignation" of Medina for considering that the crime "has a positive side and affirm that, regardless of the pain, he feels proud that Torrox has been an objective in the media of communication at national level ".

Lima has demanded the PP provincial president, Elias Bendodo, to "face and demand accountability" to Medina and added that it seems "disgusting and totally condemnable for a mayor to use a victim of sexist violence to highlight the policies that from the City Council are being carried out ".

For its part, IU has announced in a statement that it will ask in the municipal plenary the reprobation of the mayor "for the lack of tact and empathy" in his statements and has demanded that Bendodo "demand a rectification and publicly reprimand" these words.

The provincial coordinator of IU, Guzmán Ahumada, has indicated that these statements show that the PP, "as much as it wants to hide it, does not give value to macho terrorism and goes to events to appear in the photo."

The mayor said in a local radio station that he was "with the positive part of an intolerable disgrace", in reference to the fact that the summoned meeting was "all the administrations together, the sub-delegate of the Government, the delegate of the Board, the vice-president of the Diputación and practically all the corporation ".

"This shows that the people of Torrox are united to fight against this scourge and, above all, and that is what I want to highlight, the unity of all the parties," said the councilor.

Medina added that, "regardless of the pain", he would "also" with a phrase that a national media camera told him, which assured him that "it was the first time they had said in Madrid that they were going to broadcast from Torrox as they say from Marbella, Benalmádena, Benidorm or Santa Pola ".

"What do you mean by this? Before I was mayor, we did not know where Torrox was," added Medina, who stressed that "Spain already knows Torrox" and that "it is a pride and something will be doing well for our people is already known at the level of Spain ".


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