They ask for justice in Argentina for the alleged gang rape of a minor

They ask for justice in Argentina for the alleged gang rape of a minor

Hundreds of people today called for justice "with a gender perspective" during a march in Miramar (Buenos Aires), Argentina where last year night a 14 year old girl reported an alleged rape of five young people.

"We demand a trial for all complaints and justice with a gender perspective," defended one of the spokespersons for the Multisectoral Women's Party of the General Alvarado, a social organization that convened the mobilization Thursday, in the letter that culminated the demonstration.

The march took place in the Malvinas plaza, the main one in Miramar.

The association showed in the letter its repudiation of sexist violence, and denounced the lack of public policies that protect women.

It also conveyed the right of all women to "live free" of all aggression.

"We ask for justice for this aberrant fact and we ask the prosecutor Florencia Salas (in charge of the case) to act quickly and be up to the task," the organization concluded.

The coastal town is populated these days by many tourists who enjoy their holidays there, and who joined the neighbors during the march.

"Every day we have a dead woman, every day a woman dies in Argentina," denounced before the local channel A24 Marta Montero, mother of Lucía Pérez, the last case that shocked the Argentine country by the sentence issued on November 27 by Judges Facundo Gómez Urso, Aldo Carnevale and Pablo Viñas de Mar del Plata, who considered that feminicide could not be demonstrated.

The five youths, between 21 and 23 years of age, are provisionally charged with the crime of "aggravated sexual abuse with carnal access" for the events that took place at dawn on January 1 and will continue for the time being.

Two of them acknowledged having sex during the same night.

The girl's family had rented a bungalow in the campsite, and after worrying about her absence they went looking for her.

The mother finally found her in the tent with the five young men.

The minor, who was drunk, told her parents that she had been raped, and immediately they called the police and filed a complaint.


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