They ask for dismissals after the disagreement in Catalonia and that Arrimadas make decisions

The group of critics of Ciudadanos called 'Renovadores Cs' has made its first public appearance in Barcelona this Tuesday, where they have offered a press conference to denounce the drift through which the party is sliding - in their opinion - and demand that Inés Arrimadas to make "profound changes" in the party's structure. They ask for the cessation of both the candidate for the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, as well as the coordinator of their electoral campaign and first deputy secretary of the party, Carlos Cuadrado, considering that after the setback they have suffered in the elections they cannot continue for another day in their posts.

Citizens are left without the key to block the renewal of a hundred positions in the Parliament

Citizens are left without the key to block the renewal of a hundred positions in the Parliament

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This group, which has promoted a manifesto and claims to defend "a tremendously representative state of opinion" of what they think thousands of party members and positions, "he assures that his objective is none other than" to renew Ciudadanos "because it hurts" to see the drift in which they have placed us. "These critics ask Arrimadas not to" castling "doing" analysis wrong "about the causes of the debacle in Catalonia, because otherwise they will promote support for an extraordinary Assembly to be convened:" Citizens need urgent surgery because otherwise they will eventually need a forensic doctor, "they warn.

This group is led by several former deputies of the Parliament and public officials of Ciudadanos de Catalunya. Its spokesperson is Antonio Espinosa, who was secretary of Executive Programs until 2016 when he was replaced by Toni Roldán, who ended up resigning. In addition, Tomás Simón, coordinator of Sarrià, wanted to be present at the press conference offered this Tuesday; María Valle, former Catalan deputy, like Carmen de Rivera and Sergio Sanz; and Miguel Ángel Ibáñez, councilor of Gavà. The group has promoted a manifesto that, they say, is receiving "great support", with "more than 3,000 supporters on social networks." In this document they reel off their ideas and demands so that the party does not disappear, something they do not want because they believe that "it is still necessary" but with "radical" changes. For this reason, they do not demand Arrimadas to submit to a motion of confidence from the rank and file as some claim, what they want is "to make decisions if he wants to give credibility to his leadership.

Among them, the removal of Carrizosa because "it has been shown that his leadership does not connect anything with Catalan society and must be replaced". But also that of Carlos Cuadrado for the "accumulation of mistakes" and for being the main responsible in his opinion for the "failed campaign" that has ended up leaving the party in only six deputies, losing 30 seats, becoming the first force to the seventh in the Parliament.

"There are people who should follow the path of Albert who did something very dignified in the face of an electoral bump," they pointed out at the press conference, although they clarified that the former leader of the party "is not connected" with them or has anything to do with this "internal regeneration movement."

They consider that the causes of this failure are several, and not those pointed out by the leader in the press conference that she offered yesterday after the meeting of the Permanent Party of the party, they consider that "it was disappointing and far from reality." However, they will wait to see if Arrimadas makes a move. "Many affiliates and also public officials are leaving, if we continue like this this will lead to the disappearance of the party but we are here to prevent it and give it new energy and strength but there are those who do not want to be aware or alluded to," they lamented.


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