June 14, 2021

They ask for 70 years of jail for a man for mistreating his wife and raping his two daughters – La Provincia

They ask for 70 years of jail for a man for mistreating his wife and raping his two daughters - La Provincia

This Wednesday, January 9, a man facing a 70-year prison sentence will be seated in the dock. abuse their daughters up to five times -More than 16 years old- as well as mistreat his wife and mother of the girls in Villarrubia de los Ojos, municipality where they resided.

According to the letter of the Prosecutor who has had access to Europa Press, the man, 47 years old at the time of committing the events, between January and May 2017 – on an unspecified date – took advantage of one early morning that his wife was in Romania to sexually assault the two girls, who were then 14 and 15 years old, practicing touching throughout the body and oral sex, after which he threatened to kill them if they said anything.

Later, in early April of that same year when the family moved to another housing of Villarrubia de los OjosThe 15-year-old girl was brought into her room, which she closed with a latch, to re-attack her sexually with threats that she was going to kill her, her sister or her mother, and then she did the same with her youngest daughter .

He raped the eldest in the field

On April 27, the day when the 15-year-old girl celebrated her birthday and the mother of the girls returned from Romania, the accused told the older sister-before the other sister-that he was going to "make her."

On May 3 he took her to a spot in the countryside where he raped her and forced her to perform oral sex on at least five occasions despite the girl's resistance, which she hit numerous times and threatened to cut his sister and his mother "in small pieces".

The accused, during this time, "with evident intention to undermine the physical integrity of his wife", beat her to insult her daughters, addressing her with expressions like "daughter of a bitch".

Due to these facts, the Office of the Public Prosecutor considers him responsible for five crimes of sexual assault, for which he requests a sentence of 14 years, as well as two years for habitual abuse and eight years of probation, to which must be added the prohibition of approaching or communicating with the girls – from whom the withdrawal of parental authority is requested – and for which compensation of 20,000 euros is requested for each one.


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