They ask for 37 years in prison for the owner of a Canarian pub for sexual assault

Shots that were served in the Simpalabras pub in the La Laguna ring.

Shots that were served in the Simpalabras pub in the La Laguna ring.

The Prosecutor requests 37 years in prison in total for the owner of a cocktail bar in the Quadrilateral area, in La Laguna, which is being investigated for a crime of sexual assault on a minor, as well as two crimes of sexual abuse and seven other cases of sexual harassment. Among the victims are employees of the Simpalabras chupistería, aspiring to work in said premises, as well as clients. The first events reported date back to the end of 2014 and the acts they began to be reported in March 2018.

According to the qualification letter of the Public ministry, the sentence is divided into 13 years for sexual assault, 14 for a crime of sexual abuse, three years for a second sexual abuse and one year for each harassment of seven other women. Regarding the civil liability request, the public prosecution proposes to compensate the mother of the minor affected with 7,000 euros, another 7,000 for a victim of abuse, 4,000 for another injured by abuse, as well as 5,000 euros for five victims of harassment (1,000 each). That is, 23,000 euros in total.

The complaint of a minor ended the soldier’s entry into prison

The Prosecutor’s Office considers that the investigated, SE, used his position as the owner of the Simpalabras chupistería to try to satisfy his libidinous desires with employees, women who were looking for work in said bar and, even, clients. The case was uncovered thanks to the complaint filed by a minor at the La Laguna National Police Station. Supposedly, said teenager suffered a sexual assault. Before the agents, the professional soldier flatly denied having committed such acts. And, in fact, he even filed a complaint for unfounded accusations against him and the establishment he ran.

The policemen carried out searches at his home and at the aforementioned premises. And, after passing at the disposal of the Investigating Court that was acting as Guard in La Laguna, the arrested man entered provisional prison, communicated and without bail. Until then, he had no police record.

On one occasion, in March 2017, he touched and brushed an employee as he passed behind her behind the bar counter. He also struck her with an open hand on the buttocks. One night he told that victim to accompany him to the garage to get merchandise. Once there, he took out some handcuffs, put them on the victim and did not remove them until he kissed her and touched her breasts and her private parts. On other occasions, the crimes consisted of dishonest propositions and invitations to drinks to achieve their objective.

The individual, who was 31 years old at the time and also He worked as a professional soldier stationed in Tenerife, carried out one of the criminal offenses in January 2017. After starting to work at the premises, and after drinking drinks prepared and supplied by the investigated one night, a young woman began to feel upset and lost her volitional faculties. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the man began to touch her breasts and to make non-consensual touching. Then he leaned her against the sink, pulled down her pants and underwear, and entered her vagina. On another occasion, the victim was a minor, who also drank drinks prepared by the owner of the premises. After leaving it, the teenager realized that she had forgotten her jacket. Upon returning, the owner was closing the business. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, he put her on the bar, took off her underwear and performed oral sex on her. Then, based on the Public Ministry’s letter, he put her on a chest-type refrigerator and penetrated her vaginally.


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