August 12, 2020

They ask for 21 years of jail for the 'Pilla-pilla project' against homosexuals – La Provincia

On the bench sit the detainees by the 'Pilla-pilla project', a group that imitated another of Russian origin that tended ambushes to homosexuals in order to humiliate them and videotape them to spread it through social networks. Its leader, a young man of Ukrainian origin, faces 21 years in prison, as does his closest collaborator, while for the other 3 members they ask for sentences of 15, 6 and 2 years. They are accused of belonging to a neo-Nazi group whose pretext was to neutralize pedophiles, but according to the prosecution and the prosecution only they intended to humiliate and vex homosexuals. They are accused of three hate crimes, against the moral integrity and privacy of the victims.

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