Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

They ask for 12 years in prison for abusing their four-year-old daughter after losing custody – La Provincia

The prosecution and the private prosecution request a conviction of 12 years in prison for a man accused of sexually abusing his four-year-old daughter several times after losing custody in Palma. The defendant would have subjected the girl to touches during the weekends she spent at home for six months. The victim is under psychological treatment and IMAS technicians They believe their story of facts credible. Both the public prosecutor and the lawyer Ramon Caubet, who represents the mother of the child, also claim that the father is prohibited from approaching and communicating with the child for seven years and compensation of 20,000 euros. The trial is scheduled to be held next week at the Provincial Court.

The prosecution reports that the defendant, 43, committed the abuses between July 2015 and January 2016 at his home in Palma . The man had separated from the mother, to whom a judge granted custody of the couple’s two children. Always according to the accusations, the suspect subjected the girl, who was then four years old, to touches when the two brothers went to his home on weekends, as stipulated in the visitation regime.

The private accusation details in its brief of conclusions three different episodes occurred in July and September 2015 and January 2016. The man allegedly approached the girl when she was in bed and subjected her to touching the genitals, getting her fingers into the vagina.

The facts were reported after the last episode. The girl was attended by technicians from the Institut Mallorquí d’Afers Socials (IMAS), which opened a file. The institution’s psychologists prepared a report, after interviewing the girl, in which they considered her account of the abuses credible. Both the victim and his brother were treated by the Therapeutic Unit for Child Sexual Abuse (UTASI) from the Ministry of Social Affairs. As stated in the brief of provisional conclusions of the prosecution, the abuses suffered in the minor generated a situation of sadness and anxiety. The mother also received psychological treatment.

Both the public prosecutor and the private prosecution consider the man the author of a continued crime of sexual abuse. The mother’s lawyer also considers that the aggravating relationship should be applied. The two accusations claim for the prosecution, who was not arrested for these facts, a penalty of 12 years in prison. They also request that a restraining order be imposed to prevent her from approaching or communicating with her daughter for seven years and compensation of 20,000 euros. for the moral damages caused to the child and her mother.

The case is expected to be tried next Thursday in the second section of the Provincial Court of Palma. The accusations have cited to testify as witnesses the mother of the girl, several teachers of the school attended by the child and the experts of the Consell and the Government who have treated her to explain the content of their expert reports.


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