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They ask a photographer for 85 years of imprisonment for sexual abuse - The Province

They ask a photographer for 85 years of imprisonment for sexual abuse - The Province

The Prosecutor requests a total of 85 years in prison for Pablo Jesús H. G., 44, a Tenerife photographer arrested in November 2017 in La Orotava by the alleged commission of sex offenses, distribution of child pornography, exhibitionism and sexual provocation, and corruption of minors. The accused, who is in prison from the same month of his arrest for the crimes that are charged against eleven victims, already had criminal records for acts of a similar nature for which he was already firmly convicted. In this sense there is a circumstance of recidivism for the purposes of the proceeding, which will now proceed to the opening of the oral hearing in the Fifth Section of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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On the other hand, the counsel for the defense of the investigated photographer, on the other hand, denies in a general way the crimes that are imputed to his sponsored, which he has already transferred in his brief of provisional conclusions to the Provincial Court.

The Public ministryIn addition, it considers that the defendant must be sentenced to 10 years of probation once he has served the sentence of deprivation of liberty, another five years of prohibition to approach less than 200 meters from any place where the victims are located. how to pay 38,000 euros for the moral damages caused.

According to the provisional indictment of the Prosecutor, the defendant Pablo Jesús H. G. "used the status of photographer of certain social events, was advertised through certain social networks such as Instragram or Facebook under the name of P.J. Photos", making himself look like an experienced photographer. The Public Ministry adds that "it contacted through these social networks and by WhatsApp with underage children to whom it offered photo sessions, with the promise of creating a book of photos that could be used to start or launch their professional careers as models. " In addition, the photographer flattered them for the physical conditions they had and convinced them of their alleged influence to publicize and procure access to clothing stores with the goal of hiring them for advertising campaigns.

The Prosecutor It is important that the researcher, far from limiting himself to a purely professional action, with the intention of satisfying his basest instincts of a sexual nature and knowing that he was dealing with people under 18 years of age, in 2014 when the researcher now had 40 years, he used the individual photo sessions to have "more intimate verbal contacts of a sexual nature", either through social networks or by WhatsApp, he asked the children to undress in their entirety to pose before him.

In the brief of the Office of the Prosecutor, the way in which, in a generalized way, the photographer proceeded when he got the children to undress was developed. Taking advantage of the "sexual climate" -says the Prosecutor's Office-, the accused person "made all the minor requests of a libidinous nature, either to practice oral sex with him, to perform touching or to have complete sexual relations with him, with anal penetration and overcoming the resistances and wills "that the minors could interpose.

The Public ministry it abounds in that the defendant made the photographic reports to compile pedophile material, making them in secluded places to avoid the look or intervention of third parties.

The indicted He committed various acts of this nature since June 2015, days after having been detained again by the Technological Crimes Group of the National Police for various crimes of corruption of minors until November 2017, when he was arrested for the third time, moment from which it fulfills a precautionary measure of preventive detention.

Pablo Jesus H. G. He had already been firmly sentenced on February 10, 2010, to a term of five years and four months in prison for the commission of the crimes of exhibition, sexual provocation and dissemination, distribution and possession of pornographic material. This sentence was extinguished on January 30, 2017.

Modus Operandi

The processing, in most cases I contacted minors through social networksHowever, with respect to one of the minors, it was this one, aged 14, who came into contact with the photographer because of the comments he had heard at school about the possibility of making a photographic book without having to pay any economic charge.

Then, the researcher created a WhatsApp group in which he made several of the minors who were being victims of the abuses participate. In this messaging group, the photographer sent images of young nudes and in some of these it was seen how they had sexual relations "in order to show the minors the positions they should adopt" to make the photographic book.

On other occasions, the researcher contacted the children through the messaging system of some social networks until he established a certain level of confidentiality, later transferring the conversations to WhatsApp, where he also exchanged photographs of sexual content.

The photographer, at all times and according to the Prosecutor's Office, knew or knew that the young people with whom he communicated or to whom he took photographs were minors. In fact, some of the victims were barely 14 or 15 years old when they suffered abuse.

Some of the victims, when they refused to enter the libidinous games of the accused, harassed them until compelling them to practice different sexual acts with him, according to the prosecution in his letter.

Several of the young people who fell into the networks of the alleged pedophile did so because of the conversations that some of their colleagues had in the schools or institutes they attended in several municipalities in the north of Tenerife.


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