June 23, 2021

They ask a father for 16 years for raping his daughter after meeting her again – La Provincia

The grandmother led his granddaughter could meet his biological father, resident in the Peninsula. After contacting him and his family on social media, the parent moved to Mallorca and lived with them in Inca . However, during your stay allegedly He raped his 15-year-old daughter on several occasions and asked him to send her nude photos. The prosecutor asks for the prosecution 16 years in jail: 15 for continued sexual assault on a child under 16 years and one year for ‘Sexting’ through the mobile to send nude photos.

The events occurred between August 14 and September 3 in Inca. The 15-year-old girl lived there with her maternal grandmother and had expressed her desire to meet her biological father.

Next, the grandmother agreed to her granddaughter’s request and contacted her father’s family, who was on the Peninsula. These accessed and created a Whatssapp group to communicate in the meantime.

Child blackmail

About the month of June 2017, the father moved to Mallorca to meet his daughter personally. The grandmother invited him to live with them once they moved.

First, the father’s behavior with his daughter was normal and did not arouse suspicion. As days go by, his attitude was completely different. Thus, whenever they were alone, the parent began to kiss the child in the mouth to gain their trust. He already announced then that he was going to do something that was “normal” between father and daughter.

About three weeks before he left the island, the parent, when he walked the dogs, forced his daughter to enter an abandoned house. Before the opposition of the minor, he gave some small shoves. Although she wanted to leave, the adult prevented him.

At one point, given, the father leaned his daughter against the wall and made him rest his hands on the wall. He then lowered her leggings and panties and penetrated her. Then he deflowered the child.

From this moment, the parent began to blackmail your daughter. He told her that if he commented on what happened, nobody would believe her and blame her. He also threatened that it would be hospitalized in a correctional facility If I told what happened. The father had several sexual encounters with the child, despite her opposition.

Once the father left the island, he maintained contact with his daughter through the Whatssapp of the grandmother’s phone, which the child used. He coerced her to send photos of her naked. Finally, Grandma denounced what happened when she saw the photos.

The trial against the father for the alleged continued sexual assault on his son is held next week at the Provincial Court.


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