They arrest the alleged murderer of a young man after deliberately running him over in Malaga

An investigator from the National Police in the area of ​​the events. / SOUTH

Police have also arrested the co-driver of the car accused of covering up for his friend

The young man who allegedly
fatally ran over another at the door of a nightclub of Malaga has already been arrested by the National Police. As confirmed by the sources consulted by this newspaper, it is a 26-year-old boy who has been arrested accused of a crime of murder and two others in an attempted degree.

This is not the only arrest that has been made so far. The agents of the Homicide Group of the Provincial Police Station of the National Police Corps in Malaga have also arrested the co-pilot of the vehicle. He is a young man of 26 years, who is accused of covering up.

The investigations have also shed some light on the willfulness of the events. In this sense, the sources consulted have specified that the driver dragged the deceased with the vehicle for 30 meters after running over him. In addition, according to the first investigations, he ran over him at low speed and continued to accelerate, which would confirm that he was intentional.

The outrage took place last Sunday, May 15, around 06:30. It occurred in the framework of a fight that originated at the door of the Akari nightclub after its closure. It was on the street, where the driver of the vehicle turned at a pedestrian crossing and accelerated, hitting the victims, leaving one deceased and three injured of varying degrees.

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