October 30, 2020

They arrest a band for robberies in homes, ships and bars

They arrest a band for robberies in homes, ships and bars

The civil Guard has arrested five neighbors of the towns of Don Benito and Valdivia, all of them members of a criminal group, for the alleged commission of 24 robberies perpetrated in bars, homes and agricultural buildings in the provinces of Badajoz, Cáceres and Toledo.

The agents of Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz) have launched Operation Dreime after the robberies that have occurred since last March and with the same procedure in different bars in the Vegas Altas district.

With the evidence obtained after the eye inspections carried out in the places where the events took place, sufficient evidence was obtained linking the different facts with the same authorship, according to EFE.

This criminal group is made up of five people who previously they rented vehicles that they used so much for the previous inspection of the places of commission of the robberies, as for later to perpetrate them, has informed the Civil Guard in an official notice.

They used clubs

During the robberies, they hid their faces with clothing and caps and took advantage of the night and the absence of employees and customers of the aforementioned establishments to force entry.

For this purpose, they used tools to extract the locks from the locks and thus access the bars.

In addition, they used clubs and crowbars to burst the recreational machines, tobacco vending machines and cash registers to seize the money they contained inside.

The Civil Guard set up service and surveillance devices to locate the members of the group.


His arrest occurred on Friday, October 19, when they returned from perpetrating another robbery in a bar in the municipality of Head of the Ox

At the time of their arrests, they were intervened inside the vehicle the money stolen from the recreational machines of the establishment and the tools used for the commission of the robbery, clubs, crowbars, screwdrivers and tools for the extraction of bowls from the locks.

The detainees are implicated in the authorship of twenty robberies with force perpetrated in bars, two in houses and two in agricultural buildings, of which twenty-one were committed in the province of Badajoz, specifically, in the districts of La Serena, Vegas Altas, Vegas Bajas and the Barrens.

Two in Cáceres and another in Toledo, in Talavera de la Reina.

Some facts with which managed to seize about 40,000 euros.

The proceedings along with the detainees have been made available to the Juzgados de Instrucción of Villanueva de la Serena, who has decreed the release of all of them.


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