"They are small cases, why is the focus only on the Catholic Church?"

A new negative. The Episcopal Conference once again refused to investigate the history of abuses committed in the Spanish Church, or let others do so by opening its files. But this time it went further: not only did it vindicate itself as a pioneer in the world in anti-pedophilia norms, but it also made a veiled accusation to the media of denouncing only the rapes of minors in the Church, and not in other areas.

The Spanish Church prefers not to investigate the abuses while in France it will sell goods to compensate the victims

The Spanish Church prefers not to investigate the abuses while in France it will sell goods to compensate the victims

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"They are only small cases, although that does not diminish their severity. Why [se pone] The focus only on the Catholic Church? "asked the spokesman for the Episcopal Conference, Luis Argüello, at a press conference from Compostela, in which he stressed that the drama of pedophilia in Spain only reaches 0.8% in the case of the church.

"Even adding up all the cases that have appeared in the media, the cases that go back to a period of 80 years, surely do not exceed a thousand (...) while there are hundreds of thousands of priests, millions of children and adolescents, and only a minimal number, but unfortunately existing, of abuses, "said the auxiliary bishop of Valladolid, who stressed that most of the abused ask" discretion, without making their own case a media issue. "

"Why [se pone] the focus only on the Catholic Church? There are cases in sports federations, has a general investigation been requested from the COE or FIFA? ", Stressed Argüello, who had to admit that the Plenary Assembly of the Episcopal Conference has not listened to the victims:" We have not made that kind of you listen ".

Argüello went even further, announcing that the Spanish "is the first Episcopal Conference in the world to approve a set of norms to deal with cases of sexual abuse against minors and people who habitually have an imperfect use of reason." Of course: nothing to investigate or open the files so that others can know the real number of victims of clerical pedophilia, and neither do any compensation to the victims, in a message far removed from the words of Cardinal Omella in his inaugural speech or which, this morning, he pronounced in his offering to the Apostle James: "The abuses committed by some members of the Church cause us pain and shame. We ask for your strength and your light so that, in all dioceses, we may find, welcome and accompany, face to face, the victims in the healing of their pain ".

Is there going to be an investigation of the cases of pedophilia? He was asked again. No. "All the bishops are in favor of the knowledge, case by case, of the situations that may have occurred, especially with the desire that they no longer occur," replied Argüello, who insisted that "our main interest is that each victim may feel that each diocese, each congregation, is willing to accept their situation ", qualified the spokesman, who made it clear that" we are not for the work of doing sociological or statistical investigations, but to know each victim (and possible aggressor) with names and surnames. We have become aware of the seriousness of the abuses, the importance of prevention and the need to look forward. "

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