They are looking for a 25-year-old woman who disappeared 10 days ago in Las Palmas

They are looking for a 25-year-old woman who disappeared 10 days ago in Las Palmas

Romina Celeste Nuñez Rodríguez, a 25-year-old girl, has been missing since January 1. It was last seen where it was last seen in Costa Teguise, in Lanzarote (Las Palmas).

Romina – 1.65 meters tall, short hair and red, thin complexion and white skin – is not the first time it disappears, but this time it seems different. According to the newspaper "La Provincia" of Las Palmas, The young woman had an argument with her husband before disappearing.

What is worrying are the circumstances in which it occurred. His family, of Paraguayan origin, knew nothing of the disappearance until last Monday. Romina has a son who took her to Paraguay last December and had planned to pick her up on January 15. The young woman called to talk to him every day, but she stopped doing it. His mother, worried about the lack of news, called a relative who lives in Madrid to find out if he had news of her. But nothing. Then he called Romina's husband, who informed him that she had been missing for a week. However, it was not until Tuesday when the husband appeared before the command of the Civil Guard to denounce the facts. Romina's phone is off and she has not contacted anyone.

Romina had a strong argument with her husband because she needed money to buy a ticket to pick up her son to Paraguay, but he did not want to give it to her. The man said that he left the house at dawn and that when he returned the next day, Romina was gone and had taken all his clothes.

The truth is that the Civil Guard does not have a firm track and does not know which is the whereabouts of the girl.


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