February 26, 2021

“They are internal management problems that do not compromise this direction”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has considered this Monday that the judgment on box B of your party which begins today in the National Court is limited to “internal management problems that do not compromise” the current leadership of the party. In a interview on Onda Cero, Casado has also called “very unfair” that the trial, of which he said that “the PP has nothing to fear”, begins “in the middle of the Catalan campaign” and that it is also now when the confession of the former treasurer of PP Luis Bárcenas, who in a letter addressed to the Anticorruption Prosecutor recounts the illegal financing of the PP for more than two decades and blames Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar for a corrupt plot directed from the party’s national headquarters located on Calle de Génova in Madrid. “There is no right,” he said.

Two decades of bonuses for PP leaders with money from box B

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Everything is due, according to Casado, to the “instrumentalization of institutions” by the Pedro Sánchez government. In his opinion, it has been the Prosecutor’s Office that has “leaked” Bárcenas’ writing and, in addition, it has been the Executive that has broken an “unwritten rule”, unknown until now, according to which the judges did that ” it did not coincide “the beginning of a hearing that affects a political party during an electoral campaign. Casado thus obviated that the trial on the Andalusian EREs, which affected former socialist officials, ended, for example, just a few days before the Andalusian elections in December 2018.

“Never the judicial cases were substantiated in the campaign,” has insisted Casado, who has accused Bárcenas of agreeing with the Prosecutor’s Office to achieve “parliamentary benefits”, the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, of “attacking the PP in the campaign electoral “and to” hide “also” all complaints “against the Ministry of Health for its management of the pandemic, although in reality all of them have been known through the media. The reality is that the date of the trial on box B of the PP was established a year ago, in February 2020. In addition, Bárcenas dated his letter to Anticorruption on January 26 and entered the Prosecutor’s Office on February 2, a day before to be known in the media.

Despite the confession of Bárcenas and at the beginning of the trial of box B of the PP Casado has assured that his party “is a project that is worthwhile.” He has also considered that “it is essential to be proud” of his acronym and that he does not intend to change the headquarters of his party on Genova Street, whose works are being investigated in the trial for the alleged illicit origin of the money with which they were financed, in addition to the bonuses and the alleged illegal financing of the PP campaigns. “I do not have to take responsibility for what was done before he became president of the party,” he added, trying to distance himself from the alleged corruption, and insisting again that “that PP no longer exists.”

Bárcenas, “that man” for Casado

“That PP the media are talking about no longer exists. There is no accused person in positions of responsibility, no shadow of suspicion,” he said. Casado obviated, once again, that among the leaders that Bárcenas cites in his writing and who allegedly would have received illegal bonuses is the current leader of the PP in Madrid, Pío García Escudero, and Senator Javier Arenas.

The leader of the popular has confessed “very tired” of being asked about Bárcenas. “A person who has been lying for 10 years has no credibility. We want to know the whole truth.” He is firmly condemned. I do not deal with criminals, “he remarked, before acknowledging that” the damage “that the former treasurer has done to his party” is terrible. “” It has had a terrible electoral cost, which I am suffering in this campaign. ”

Casado has limited the case of box B to the investigation of “private donations to the PP”, which in his opinion differs from the case of the ERE of Andalusia in which the diversion of “public money” was investigated. The leader of the PP has maintained in a row that “Sánchez has people involved in the ERE in his Government”, referring to Vice President Carmen Calvo or the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who have not been cited, nor have they been seen involved at no time in that case.

Regarding Bárcenas’ statements, Casado has insisted: “I have no record of a time. I have never spoken with that man. The history of the PP is a heroic party.”


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