September 19, 2020

“They are four cats nostalgic for Francoism”

The loudest, pan in hand, without a safety distance and shouting the customary slogan of “Government resignation”, have wanted to turn the act of tribute to the victims of the pandemic, held this morning at the Royal Palace, into a protest against the Executive of Pedro Sánchez and the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias.

Vox collapses the center of Madrid with hundreds of cars to demand the resignation of the Government

Vox collapses the center of Madrid with hundreds of cars to demand the resignation of the Government

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However, among the flags of Spain, the pins of Vox and the long live the king, there have also been many who have come to remember the dead. “This is to commemorate the victims of the covid, not to make political propaganda, it seems very bad to me,” said forceful Gabriel, 12, whose grandfather died from the virus.

An avalanche of screaming interrupted his words. At that time Felipe VI began to speak and abroad, the assistants, converted into protesters, raised their banners and banners higher or tried to place themselves in the first rows, as in the case of a lady who carried the flag as a dress, with two straps and a mourning crepe as a brooch.

“With the one who is falling and the people saying alive the king, we come to commemorate the victims,” ​​Eli, 62, who has also approached the vicinity of the Royal Palace, was quietly angry. “There are four cats that have a nostalgia for Francoism,” he sentenced.

Asked about the corruption scandals that corner the king emeritus, Mariano, a reckless 80-year-old who does not miss any crowds – he tried to enter the mass celebrated by the Episcopal Conference, which he considers the “true act” by the victims— , says that it is better to leave it in the hands of Justice.

And Antonio, 62, who made a tailored shirt with the words “Government resignation” and whose main reason for coming this morning was to show his support for the monarch, although he hesitated at first, has ended up blaming him for all to Iglesias, who, according to him, commands more than Sánchez and “is a total republican.”

Thus things on the street, inside the civil tribute advanced, brief and with a large presence of European leaders – “There are more politicians than Spaniards,” said the woman disguised as a flag. With a large police display and the Plaza de la Armería closed and flooded with press vans, after ten in the morning the nearly fifty people who have come to the Lepanto Gardens have started to leave.

The loudest, again, have lengthened the tumult. Antonio has taken a small pot and a spoon out of his backpack, and Rosa, also 62, some speakers in which she has reproduced the metallic sound of the saucepans. The official cars left the Puerta del Príncipe and the group applauded or booed depending on who the occupants were.

The poster was not lacking accusing the Chinese Communist Party of creating the virus, the pamphlets that portend the destruction of Spain at the hands of communism, and even a banner for the closure of Nissan, which has been taken out by Martin, 84, a survivor of the Covid-19, after distributing laminated pieces of paper with a black mourning ribbon that he had printed and prepared at home.

Victor has gone home with a bad taste in his mouth. “The little flag, the little flag of Spain”, he repeats in all the manifestations or acts of the right, where he tries to take out some coins by selling the props necessary for these calls. “It should not be like this, this is a moment of union, it is a moral sense”, claimed Fede and Sergio, Valencians of 18 years who have come to Madrid after making the selectivity, “we are here to remember the people who have died At the moment we need mutual support. ”


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