They alert of a scam with a false email from Social Security – La Provincia

Cybersecurity company Panda Security has discovered a wave of attacks from ‘phishing‘in which criminals impersonate Social Security tosteal from internet userson the pretext that they receive a false tax refund.

The thymus occurs through an email with thesubject ‘Social Security Refund’in which cyber criminals urge their victims toobtain 345.76 euros supposedly badly collectedof a tax, with the false reference ES-A80105W.

The Internet User Safety Office of the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) has also warned of this scam.

To obtain a refund, cybercriminals urge their victims to access a link that leads them toa website that accurately simulates the corporate identity of Social Security, as reported by Panda in a statement.

Part of the success of this cyberattack lies in the urgency-based call to action, because the link has a very close expiration date, letting users down.

“That small fraction of time is the only one that hackers need tosteal from our checking account and probably to get our access data“as warned by Hervé Lambert, Global Consumer Operations Manager at Panda Security.

The cybersecurity company has recalled thatthe actual website of Social Security is, while the one used by hackers points to a domain ending in ‘’.

Another way to differentiate this link is that the mail calls citizens ‘clients’ and that the website to which cybercriminals link has the ‘https’ protocol, which is visible at the beginning of the link, while, paradoxically, the actual website Social Security does not have an SSL security certificate.


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