July 7, 2020

They agree to the early retirement of Judge Miguel Florit, accused of the 'Mobile case'

On November 14, the CGPJ already certified that Florit, accused by the so-called 'Mobile case', met all the requirements to be able to retire early on January 31, 2020, as requested.

As reported by the CGPJ, the Commission considers that all the elements, conditions and requirements established by law to access it concur. Before this proposal, a period of 15 days was opened to make allegations. Now, once the deadline has been met, it has been declared that Florit will retire.

The judge was currently on leave and is waiting for a trial date against him. Europa Press and 'Diario de Mallorca' and two journalists from these media filed a complaint against Florit for ordering the obtaining of the list of calls and positions of two journalists and seizing their phones.

In the trial they ask to condemn Florit to penalties that add 42 years of disqualification for prevarication, violation of professional secrecy, crime against inviolability of domicile and illegal interception of communications.

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