They achieve a pregnancy after a transplant of the uterus assisted by a robot - La Provincia

They achieve a pregnancy after a transplant of the uterus assisted by a robot - La Provincia

A woman from Gothenburg (Sweden) has managed to become pregnant after having undergone, in 2017, a uterus transplant assisted by a robot. The estimated date of delivery is in the spring.

The baby will be the first to be born after a transplant using the new technique. So far, there have been eight births after uterus transplants in Sweden, although the operation was with a traditional open surgery.

The operation is carried out with a robot-assisted surgery in which, with five centimeter-long openings, surgeons can work with "very high" precision. The operating environment is also completely different, since two of the surgeons sit with their heads near their respective monitors covered where, with tools similar to a joystick, they control the arms of the robot and the surgical instruments that release the uterus.

A movement of the surgeon's hand can be converted into a millimeter-sized movement in the donor's abdomen, which minimizes discomfort both for the patient and for his uterus. The operation, lasting several hours, ends with the removal of the uterus through an incision in the abdomen and its immediate insertion into the recipient through traditional open surgery.

"We have not saved as much time as we thought we would, but we won in other ways. The donor loses less blood, the stay in the hospital is shorter and the patient feels better after surgery, "the experts said.

To date a total of 13 babies have been born after a uterus transplant. In addition to the first eight born under the auspices of the Sahlgrenska Academy research, there are two children in the United States (born in December 2017 and February 2018) and one child in Brazil (December 2017), another in Serbia ( June 2018) and another one in India (October 2018).


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