They accuse a US Catholic diocese to employ pedophiles "knowingly"

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey today accused the Catholic diocese of Wheeling-Charleston and his ex-bishop, Michael Bransfield, of employing pedophiles "knowingly" in schools and religious camps.

"This morning, I filed a civil lawsuit against the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston and Bransfield for tricking consumers and claiming their schools were safe when they were employing credibly accused pedophiles," Morrisey announced on his Twitter account. .

In a statement, the prosecutor reported that the accused diocese hired pedophiles "knowingly" and did not conduct "adequate" background checks.

The lawsuit by the West Virginia attorney general came after Baltimore Archbishop William Lori ejected Bransfield last week.

Archbishop Lori was appointed by Pope Francis last year to lead an investigation into numerous allegations against the Catholic Church in the United States.

In January, leaders of the Catholic Church in the country identified 286 priests and other ecclesiastical officials, who had allegedly sexually abused minors over the past decades.

Fifteen dioceses of the state of Texas, including those of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, revealed the names of the religious who allegedly abused children and adolescents, as part of a campaign that began in August 2018, when a Pennsylvania court He made public the cases of 300 priests who allegedly did the same.

In that document, the jury of Pennsylvania criticized that all the identified cases were left aside by the leaders of the Church "who preferred to protect the abusers and the institution, above all".

After the dissemination of this judicial report, nearly 50 dioceses throughout the United States have published lists with names of more than 1,200 priests accused of sexual abuse of minors.

The US Episcopal Conference Since then, he has announced a comprehensive plan to address the "moral catastrophe" suffered by the US Church after the scandal of child sexual abuse uncovered in Pennsylvania.

For its part, the Vatican has described as "criminal" abuses of priests to minors described in the report of Pennsylvania and considered that "there should be assumption of responsibility" of the abusers and those who "allowed them to occur."


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