Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

They absolve Matas of prevarication in the Turisme Jove case

They absolve Matas of prevarication in the Turisme Jove case

The Audiencia of the Balearic Islands has acquitted the ex-president of the Balearic Govern Jaume Matas of prevarication, malfeasance and falsehood, crimes attributed to him by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor and the Balearic Lawyers in the Turisme Jove case, in which he was accused of ordering to benefit a businessman.

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The second section of the provincial court expresses in the sentence "doubts of the guilt" of the defendant, for what the magistrates apply the principle "in dubio pro reo" and they absolve it, has informed the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands in a communiqué.

In this piece of the case of Turisme Jove, Matas was the only defendant for having allegedly ordered to benefit from public funds to a businessman and former mayor of Calvià in the 90s, who felt injured by the Government for having rescinded the management of a youth hostel and filed an administrative dispute claiming 120,230 euros.

The legal services of the Government recognized him the right to receive 11,903 euros of compensation, and the rest he received from the Turisme Jove consortium, presenting false invoices for services never provided, as proved by another judgment of January 2014 for these events, in the that they were condemned the own industralist and the high autonomic positions that they paid to him.

Within the framework of that first trial, one of the defendants who later admitted a conviction for compliance, delivered a letter to the Prosecutor's Office explaining his suspicions that the order to divert funds in favor of the employer came from Matas, which led to a new investigation with the former president as sole defendant.

Matas, who is serving a sentence for the Nóos case and who is still awaiting trial for the so-called Son Espases case, was prosecuted for this piece derived from the Turisme Jove case in the last week of March. The Court of Palma has acquitted him in a judgment against which there is an appeal.

The magistrates indicate that the only proof of charge has been the declaration as witness of one of those convicted in 2014 for these acts. "Even though it is possible to affirm, it is also true that it was not, doubts that we believe should lead us to tilt the balance of evidence in favor of the defense of Matas, according to the principle in dubio pro reo," the ruling indicates.

Among the doubts, the room indicates that the witness did not say he knew for sure or firsthand that the payment order came from Matas, but that it was his opinion, based on the fact that he saw the former president speak with the businessman in an act of PP and days later he received instructions to pay him.

The court argues in the ruling that, despite being feasible, the hypothesis stated by the accusations during the trial held at the end of March, that the accused had given the order to pay 108,000 euros of public money through the payment of false invoices " they fit and other alternatives are possible, and with equal or similar degree of probability ".

The judges contemplate, among these other alternatives, that the payment order could have come from the Department of Vice Presidency and Institutional Relations "without any participation of Matas", and even though the then president gave the payment order, "he did not know that he was obeying to an irregular payment of public funds ".

According to the magistrates, the then general director of Youth, benefited the businessman "following instructions from other people with ancestry about him, who may have been the then president of the Balearic Government and accused Jaume Matas, but without having been sufficiently accredited this extreme , because the order could come from another superior of his ".

The sentence details that the president of the Govern did not have resources to contract or dispose of funds and that it has not been possible to establish that the instructions for payment came from him.


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