July 25, 2021

These were the most and least sold products in the last Black Friday

These were the most and least sold products in the last Black Friday


For the second consecutive year in Cuponation.es They have analyzed the results of last year's campaign by classifying the products into several categories. In the «II Report Cuponation of results and forecasts for Black Friday 2018 in the 'e-commerce'» it is revealed that the best-selling products were the fashion and accessories, with 43.1% of sales, followed by electronics, which generated 28.72% of transactions and third, travel and vacations, with 4.9% of the purchases of the day.

There are other categories that generated a large number of acquisitions. Among them we highlight books and movies, with 3.5% of the total of transactions; sporting goods with 3.5% of total sales; and, leisure and entertainment, with 3.4%. The falls, with respect to the «Black Friday» of 2016, occurred mainly in: adult stores; photography and printing; flowers; finance and insurance and, pets, whose sales have not reached 0.5% and therefore have been included in «others».

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On the predictions for Black Friday 2018, Cuponation.es calculates that during that day in November the stores will generate 1,553 million euros in sales through their online stores, 10.1% more than last year. This means that this commercial event will grow a point above what it did between the 2016 and 2017 edition, where growth was 9%

The popularity of Black Friday will also increase and an increase in interest level of 4% is expected with respect to 2017. If buyers made more than 1.5 million searches related to the event during the past year, during this November 2018 this figure will increase to 1.6 million.

A drastic change in sales by categories is not expected. The most sold products will be one more year the technological and those related to fashion. With regard to discounts, it is likely that the products of the categories that generate a greater number of transactions are those that offer higher discounts.


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