June 14, 2021

“These people who talk so much about flags have cut up our homeland and made it available to speculators for their personal fortune”

Kiko Veneno (Fuengirola, 1952) has opened the doors of his house to us in a town in Seville to join the celebration of the 8th anniversary of elDiario.es. The renowned musician, recently endowed with the honor award at the MIN Awards for independent music, shared with elDiario.es partners how he experienced confinement and his vision of these “rare days” in a talk with Ignacio School, director of elDiario.es.

Kiko Veneno: "How can a democratic state allow this information dictatorship?"

Kiko Veneno: “How can a democratic state allow this information dictatorship?”

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The musician has shared the hard situation that music workers are experiencing during the pandemic. “There are many workers who have been doomed to unemployment and ruin,” he expressed and gave as an example how he has now been forced to reduce the equipment with which he travels to a minimum. “It is a risky profession, subject to many ups and downs, with little security and guarantees and with labor rights that are scarce.”

Kiko Veneno was referring especially to the “street, van, popular music and bar” sector, in which he is seeing how many colleagues “are suffering deficiencies and are very neglected.”

The composer has reflected on how little valued culture is sometimes in our country. As an example, he recalled the moment when artists joined the cry of ‘no to war’. “Artists are dedicated to interpreting life, reality. And we were seeing that war was hypocritical. Those people wanted to make a war as a big business, and the artists dared to say that and it was very expensive.” Thus, Kiko Veneno has denounced how certain politicians “find henchmen to delegitimize artists, not for the fact of being artists, but for showing their political opinion” and has shown against those who say that there is a certain “moral superiority “in the world of culture. “I am from the left and I have no moral superiority. I have my mistakes, I make my mistakes, I do not presume to be left, but I try to see reality, I try to be a good partner and behave well with people and appreciate the things that gives us life “.

In this sense, he recalled the figure of Camarón, with whom he collaborated on the album The legend of time. “Camarón was a superser. A person of incredible intelligence and humility. When he came out The legend of timeThere were people who asked him where he was going with that and he said: “People will understand”, and indeed, people understood later. ”

“There is no great institution in Spain that is not corrupt”

After reviewing his musical career and remembering how he broke the mold with the album Veneno in 1977 -considered by the now-defunct Rock Deluxe magazine the best album in Spain-, Kiko has spoken with the director of elDiario.es about the political situation in our country.

The artist, a partner of elDiario.es, has regretted that there is practically no press “to say what is happening.” “I am a member of elDiario.es because there is no free press in Spain,” he lamented.

“Spain is an absolutely corrupt system, there is no great institution in Spain that is not corrupt. All these people who talk so much about homeland and flags, what they have done is cut up our homeland and have made it available to speculators to manufacture themselves their personal fortunes, finance their political projects -political in quotes, because they are projects to form political parties to take it away -… The biggest thing a country has, which is its soil, is what has been speculated to get ugly cities , that young people cannot buy a house, houses and inaccessible rentals … They have created a den of thugs, it is an incredible thing, “he denounced.

Kiko Veneno has put the finishing touch to the anniversary events of elDiario.es ‘throwing a little cante’. The artist has performed for the partners hopefully, from his album Broken Hat, Rare days, a song composed during confinement about the feelings of these moments, and two of his most classic songs: Joselito Y Flying I go.


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