These have been the six largest data leaks of 2018 so far | Trends

These have been the six largest data leaks of 2018 so far | Trends

We generate data all the time, even when we sleep. We tend to think they are safe, but it is not always the case. The leaks are more frequent than they should be. The exponential increase in connected devices makes security breaches easier.

Sophos Iberia has elaborated a recount of the leaked data more sounded of 2018. We emphasize next six of them, all of them private companies and that together they add more than 65 million affected users. They are the following:

  • Facebook. More than 50 million Facebook users have been affected by a data leak detected the last week of September. The cybercriminals knew how to exploit a vulnerability in the "See as" function of the social network to steal tokens of access, which are some keys that allow you to start the Facebook session automatically and not have to retype a password every time you want to access.

    According to Facebook, the problem has been solved and there is no danger, but it is recommended that all users log out of their accounts on their different devices.

  • British Airways. Around 380,000 credit cards from British Airways customers were exposed to a cyber attack that stole personal information from travelers. As confirmed by the company itself, the data was stolen from the website and the mobile application. The cybercriminals accessed this information by installing malware that transferred the information to servers located in Romania.
  • Jobandtalent In July of this year, the job search portal Jobandtalent announced that it had been the victim of a cyber attack through which the personal data of its more than 10 million Spanish users would have been exposed on the network. The names, surnames, email addresses and an encrypted version of the user's web access password had been discovered as a result of cybercriminals' access to their server.
  • Ticketmaster In June of this year, Ticketmaster, the platform for buying tickets for leisure events, was the victim of a cyber attack. According to the company, malicious software attacked a product for customer support hosted by Inbenta Technologies, the company's external provider, and exposed data from at least 40,000 users.
  • T Mobile. One of the most popular mobile operators in the United States, T-Mobile, suffered a data leak in August that affected more than 2,000,000 of its customers. The potentially compromised data included user names, billing zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers and account types.
  • Typeform. The startup Spanish survey of Typeform admitted in July to have suffered a data leak that affected several thousand users. After the attack on one of their servers, the cybercriminals had access to the names, emails and encrypted passwords of their users.


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