April 14, 2021

These companies are preferred by university students to work

These companies are preferred by university students to work


Google, Amazon and Inditex, in that order, remain the companies preferred by university students to work. These are companies that can better respond to your priorities. And it is that the university students are very clear about where and how they want to make a living: They prefer large corporations that have an international presence. They do not mind traveling, although they are more inclined to reside in Spain. They want a fixed and secure salary than one with a variable salary. And they want a stable job. They like to work as a team and in a stable environment.

These three leading companies are followed by Mercedes Benz, Apple, Mercadona, Santander, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and BBVA. All of them make up the Top 10, according to the 2nd Edition of Merco University Talent in Spain, prepared by Merco and PeopleMatters, which includes the 100 most attractive companies to work with according to these students. The report has been carried out with a sample of 9,100 university students in the last year of their degree, master's students, doctorates or equivalent degrees of their own.

This study will also provide many other data and information about their priorities regarding the university they have chosen (reasons that led them to choose it, degree of satisfaction), with respect to the work they want (sector, salary expectations), and aspects related to the job search (how and where they look for information, what factors are the most valued when choosing a company as a place to work).

They look for those that offer a good retribution, quality of life and professional development

The three sectors where they are most interested in working are in training, culture and entertainment, and auditing and consulting. Although as a first option they usually choose training, engineering and pharmacy-health. When asked about the characteristics that a company must have to work in it, what is most important is that The company offers good rewards and benefits. After: quality of life. They value a lot the time flexibility and teleworking And they want corporations that promote training and professional development, and that have a good work environment. They look for work in web pages and employment portal of the company, social networks, recommendations of a relative or friend and professional communities.

In their first work experience they want to earn an average of 1,325 euros per month, but theyorprende that 46.3% consider that the most appropriate would be between 1,000 and 1,250 euros, and 23.4% more than 1,500. Men (believe that it should receive 1,423 euros / month) are more ambitious than women (1,260), students from European countries (1,570) more than Spanish and university health sciences (1,428) more than the arts and humanities (1.212).

How they choose university

And when it comes to choosing a university, they focus mainly on their characteristics (which suits the studies they want, which is located near the area of ​​residence and which can be paid for). Reputation is less important. In general, they value the university, their degree of satisfaction is 7.3 out of 10. What most satisfies them are their services and infrastructure and what less teaching.

What satisfies them most are the services and infrastructure and what less teaching

Along with the presentation of this study, a round table was held to analyze the results. It highlighted the importance of the company knowing and understanding the needs of this group "to help us in the transformation that companies need," as pointed out by the Director of Culture and Change Management of Banco Santander, Andrea Montalvo In this case, the ideal university student they are looking for has the «ability to work in a team, communication skills and the desire to learn», since they need «versatile people».

The director EVP Repsol, Aurora Gómez, He stressed the importance of companies knowing and adapting to the "behavioral profile" and "habits" of students. He explained that the cultural variable "is increasingly important for a young person to feel good working in a company."


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