these are the years that you can live without working if it's your turn 'El Gordo', Lotera Navidad 2018

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The winner of the first prize ofExtraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery, popularly known as'Fat', could live between 12 and 13 years without working if the graced lived in a large Spanish city like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Bilbao or Seville.

As explained by the law firm Hedilla Abogados, which recalls thatThe first prize of this draw is endowed with 400,000 euros per tenth(4 million euros to the series), that is, 322,000 euros,once deducted 20% for the tax to which it is subject.

Given the possibility ofbe graced with 'El Gordo', the office advises to maintain the job since, a resident of a large city like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Bilbao or Seville has an average cost per month of 2,000 euros, that is, a total of 24,000 euros per year. "This award, therefore, will allow you to live without working from 12 to 13 years," he adds.

In relation to lThe investments that can be made with the prize, The firm recommends making diversified investments in insurance, stocks, investment funds or real estate. In the specific case of the funds, the firm is committed to investing the money in variable income investment funds in different burstile markets, such as Spain, America and Asia.

In this sense, the founder of the company, Miguel Hedilla and de Rojas, ruled out the purchase of housing "in the face of a new price bubble". "If you want to get one to rent it afterwards, keep in mind that the city councils of the big cities will regulate the rental prices, so you may not get the performance you believe in. I recommend you consider other costs, such as the IBI, the capital gains, the taxes of Patrimony, etc ", it emphasizes.

Also, the office aimsto entrepreneurship as a way to invest moneyin case of winning the Lottery, but clarifies that it is convenient to bet on businesses with consolidated trajectories before starting a startup or thinking about risky concepts.

Finally, he recommends thatIf the winner chooses to open his own business,invest in a company that is already active, such as tobacconists, pharmacies or lottery administrations, since they are regulated by the State and will have their backing. "This type of business offers great security and stability and recurring income," he says.


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