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These are the worst scams you can suffer for WhatsApp – La Provincia

WhatsAppIt is one of the most used social networks worldwide. Through it we share all kinds of information, which the most well-off strive to use for legal purposes. Therefore, it is very important that you be aware of certain messages or notifications that may come to you throughWhatsAppand after which they can appear seriousscams.

Thefrauds you may suffer on WhatsAppThey are very varied, some of the most common are the following:

Fake Discount Vouchers

One of the most common scams that is currently carried out through WhatsApp is theshipping discount vouchers. Scammers use the name of well-known brands or establishments to carry out fraudulent campaigns. One of the most common practices as a hook is the sending of discount vouchers with false claims. It is usual the promise of checks of 50 euros to spend in these establishments, after which the user finds nothing but a fraud.

Hidden Subscriptions

This scam is activated when the user, involuntarily,Register certain messaging serviceswhich take you to fraudulent websites for which economic surcharges later arrive. What happens is that with the false claim to activate a certain service in the application, they get the user to activate a service that they do not want.


Theft of personal data

In recent weeks, theOCU (Organization of Consumers and Users)has launched an alert around a new scam that is being carried out through WhatsApp.

From the Organization of Consumers and Users explain the following: "If you receive an SMS message with the text 'WhatsApp Greetings', neither case. If you click they ask you to verify your phone number and it is a case of phishing in full rule. They intend to control your WhatsApp and access your data, your contacts, your conversations "." The scam of the WhatsApp verification code is actually a case of phishing. It all starts with an SMS message similar to the one you send from WhatsApp every time the app is set up in a new terminal to link the app to your phone number "."If you have not requested this message is that or someone has mistakenly entered your phone number when trying to verify your account or that someone is trying to access your account illegitimately, with what intention? with stealing your data", they add from the OCU. They also affect that," in any case, it is very important that you do not click on that link, if you do you will be giving access to your WhatsApp to someone who will start receiving all your conversations. You will notice because unfortunately the next time you access your WhatsApp application it will tell you that your phone number is not registered. "

Finally, from the OCU they explain the steps to follow torecover your data. "To solve the problem, click on" verify "and recover whatsApp on your phone again. You would receive a verification message that now would be the real one that you requested," he concludes.

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