December 2, 2020

These are the values ​​that best weather the storm on the stock market



The year of the pandemic will not be the one that leaves the best memories in most trading floors, with a special mention of the Spanish stock markets, possibly – due to their characteristics – one of the hardest hit on the European continent. Thus, the annual decline in IBEX 35 surpasses today the 30% (6.4% this week) and the same result is found in the continuous market. Because it is a fact: the most strategic sectors of our country (tourism, banking, construction, real estate …) have been shaken by a virus, which together with the uncertainty generated by the political decisions taken by the Government of Pedro SanchezThey have scared off investors who have moved their capital to safer ground.

But within the storm that 2020 has brought, winning sectors are also being found. Safe haven values ​​that indicate which are the priorities of society in the midst of a pandemic and which investors have helped to save their capital and seek to increase it. “They are those that clearly had to be bet because they are fundamental needs or because they indicate where the future is,” the finance expert and professor of finance tells ABC. Esade, Jordi Fabregat.

They are known as “Defensive sectors”, or speaking in silver, those values ​​that families would never give up eliminating from their shopping cart. Some star markets for investors that have always worked in times of crisis. Among them are companies utilities (electric and renewable energy), pharmaceutical, food companies and technology companies.

In the case of Spain, in the absence of technological, investors have turned to the telecommunications. The analyst of IG Markets, Sergio Ávila points to Cellnex Telecom as one of the telecos that has increased its value the most in 2020 (+ 50.95%) “due to its inorganic growth strategy”. Also Urbas (+ 144.44%), Service Point (+ 139.46%) or Berkeley Energy (+ 78.23%) are among the most demanded securities on the continuous market.

Ávila also highlights the growth of Spanish utilities, especially in the cases of Iberdrola, Solaria Y Siemens Gamesa , all trading on the IBEX 35. In the case of the Basque energy company, it accumulates a rise of close to 12% in the year. While in the case of Solaria, which debuted on the main Spanish stock market this month, its prices have expanded by 135.88% in 2020. For its part, Siemens Gamesa grew in value by 55.90% despite the more than 800 million losses accumulated from October 2019 to July of this year “due to its growth potential and its business considered very defensive”.

Pharma Mar, triple digit

She is the great winner of the year on the IBEX floor. From December 31 Pharma Mar it has grown 142.93% and its share price has shot up to 115.1 euros. A trend that could continue while the pandemic lasts for the Madrid pharmaceutical company. In the continuous market we also find other pharmaceutical companies that increase their value such as Reig Jofre, with a rise of 62.26% that according to IG Markets is due to “the news that it can manufacture 700 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine when available.

Finally, in the food sector there is the highest stock market rise in Spain this year. The oil can Deoleo, which was about to be dissolved at the beginning of the year, has grown in the continuous market until reaching an impressive 890.38%. Something that is attributed to the deep restructuring that the group has carried out. Too Viscofan rose by 14.80%, surpassing the forecasts and results of the previous year as well as Ebro Foods, matrix of brands like Sparkly or Garofalo that grew 6.59%.

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