March 6, 2021

These are the strangest phobias that can be had – La Provincia

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find someone who does not hide A little phobia This type of disorders has become one of the more widespread health problems in western societies. And, who does not know someone who is afraid of spiders or heights?

The arachnophobia and the acrophobia They are one of the most frequent phobias, but not the only ones. Believe it or not, some people suffer as irrational fears as fear of money, knees or sitting.


Can you imagine living in fear since you wake up in the morning? That's what people with optophobia feel, irrational fear of opening eyes.


People with cacophobia feel a persistent and unjustified emotion of fear of ugly people or ugly in general.


Also called hypnophobia, it's about the irrational fear of sleeping. Those who suffer from it experience enormous anxiety at bedtime at night and many fear that they will not wake up the next day.



It is the feeling of fear of sitting, waiting sitting or having the feeling of wasting time sitting.


Those who suffer from this phobia cannot see white things or hear the white word.


Although it seems incredible, crematophobia or chrometaphobia is the irrational fear of money. It usually occurs after some negative experience with the economy itself that causes that problem to be associated with money.


It's about the fear of Learn and acquire new knowledge. It doesn't have to be something widespread, but the fear of learning new things about a specific branch or topic.


Ironically, this phobia is the fear of long or complex words. The person who suffers from it feels nervous or afraid when facing talks in which long or technical words are used, as can happen in conversations about scientific or technical topics.


Also known as peladophobia, people who suffer from this disorder fear being near bald people or running out of hair themselves.



It is the irrational fear of hearing or pronouncing some words or certain names, including one's own.


People who suffer from euphobia feel a irrational fear of receiving good news. Its origin is usually in the disappointment suffered by those who suffer from this phobia when celebrating good news that finally turned out to be false.


Those who suffer this phobia feel a huge rejection to see or touch knees, either their own or those of other people. This fear may have its origin in an old lesion in this part of the body.


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