December 1, 2020

These are the state oppositions that have been suspended by the coronavirus

The Government has decided to suspend all calls for public competitions with a valid date – those that had already started the tests and those that had to do so imminently. The announcement was made by the Minister of Public Function, Carolina Darias, who confirmed that these selection tests for the General Administration were postponed “for the essential time”, although the continuity of all processes was guaranteed. “They have only been temporarily suspended, until this health crisis is controlled.”

For the moment, the calls for administrative assistant of the National University of Distance Education (UNED) have been paralyzed; those of inspectors, agents and technical staff of the Treasury and the Tax Agency; that of the autonomous organisms of the SEPE; and those of the Procedural and Administrative Processing Corps of the Ministry of Justice, among others. Pending official publication are now the oppositions included in the union agreement for stabilization of public employment of the General State Administration, pending from the years 2017 and 2018, which had been approved for interim personnel and temporary officials. The commissions in charge of the organization of the opposition will be the ones to communicate to the applicants the new dates of the call and the process to follow.

The worst unemployed have been the 9,100 opponents of Justice, whose selection process has been interrupted in the third exam, which was to be held next Saturday. Now they are waiting for a new date to be established so that they can end their opposition to the body of procedural and ministerial administrative processing. As for the call of UNED, the only mandatory and eliminatory exercise that gave access to one of the 92 administrative assistant positions in competition has been postponed for the 10,300 applicants.

Regarding the Treasury and the Tax Agency, calls to the Superior Body of State Inspectors have been postponed -dated on April 3-; of the Technical Treasury Corps -4 April-; Customs Surveillance Corps -whose third exercise was called for April 18-; and the Corps of Public Finance Agents -with a second exercise on April 25-. In the Public State Employment Service (SEPE), the call for senior technicians of the autonomous organizations, Group A-1, dated April 25, has been suspended until a new order.

On the other hand, the processes to stabilize 5,390 public employment places follow the pertinent procedures, but now they will be pending a date change. Public Service and the unions signed an agreement on December 11 that gave the green light to the processing of the pending processes of 2017 (2,862 places) and 2018 (2,528 places), which were collected in two royal decrees. These positions were intended to assimilate statutory personnel, civil servants, labor personnel and permanent staff not fixed by sentence. The call focused on reducing temporary employment in the organizations most exposed to it, such as the State Public Employment Service, as well as the CSIC state research centers, Carlos III and the Public Research Organizations. Now they will have to wait.

As for the rest of the public administrations – communities, municipalities and county councils – they are currently awaiting an official communication from the Government detailing how they should act, although the action protocols will be similar to those of the State, so Their oppositions will also be affected, except for those that their dates of call are more than two months in time, such as those of secondary and primary teachers, and those of administrative of the Community of Madrid, which are scheduled for the next month of June.

From the CSIF officials union, they criticized yesterday the “lack of foresight and improvisation” of the Government with the oppositions, since they understand that “it is a measure that should have been foreseen and announced earlier, since many applicants had already paid transportation and accommodation due to the proximity of some exams ”. For this reason, they demand that the Government “mediate with the companies involved to avoid having repercussions in the pockets of the opponents” and that “it announces the resumption of the tests sufficiently in advance, so that those affected have sufficient time to prepare.” It is estimated that between 30,000 and 50,000 opponents will be affected by these extraordinary measures in the oppositions of the General Administration. The figure would skyrocket when adding the regional and local applicants.


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