These are the Spanish cities where families have to make more and less effort to rent




The new one housing law seeks to define as stressed area those areas where the economic effort to rent a house represents more than 30% to families. That is, where paying a lease accounts for practically a third of your income. Only seven Spanish cities would adapt to this reality, according to the latest study carried out by the valuation company, TecniTasa.

According to the appraiser, Badalona (36.4%), Barcelona (35.7%), Palma de Mallorca (34.4%) and Corunna (32.6%) are the cities where families have to allocate a greater percentage of their family income to paying the rent of a home. Although it also places within the parameters of what the Government designates as a stressed area to Hospitalet de Llobregat (31.8%), Bilbao (31.3%) and Malaga.

This study includes provincial capitals with more than 90,000 inhabitants and municipalities with more than 180,000 as a whole. The data are obtained based on the income per household published by the INE, making an estimate for its update, and the average rent for that same location.

Bordering on the 30% limit are also San Sebastian (29.5%), Madrid with 29.1%, Alicante (28.1%) or Valencia (28%). While over a quarter of their income is Salamanca and Seville with a percentage above 26% or Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Leganés or Cádiz above 25%.

“We cannot forget that we are talking about average data, so that a city with a high percentage of economic effort to rent does not imply that this situation occurs in all areas of the city or affects all the families that live in it” , indicates ehe technical director of Tecnitasa, Fernando García Marcos.

IPC review

All in all, the revision of the CPI for rents (5.6% in the last month) could influence this upward effort by families. With the addition, according to José María Basañez, president of TecniTasa, of the «increase in the demand for rent due to the impossibility of some families of accessing the purchase. Added to this is the withdrawal of homes from the market that has occurred lately.

Even so, there are still some capitals where renting a home still supposes less than 20% of spending effort for families. Cities like Castellon (18.9%), Burgos (19.3%), Oviedo (19.4%), Badajoz (19.6%), Lion (19.7%) and Lugo and Logroño with 19.8%.

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