March 6, 2021

These are the six Guinness records that you can also overcome – La Provincia

The feat of getting a Guinness record It is a worldwide recognition. Although it seems a totally unattainable challenge, the variety of tests included in this list makes some of them affordable for virtually anyone. Therefore, if you want to try new experiences and see your name registered in the Guinness book of records, check out the following list.

There are a number of Guinness record which, with some preparation, can be at your fingertips.

Blow a pea as far as possible

The current record is at just over seven meters away So, if you're interested in overcoming that distance, you can get down to work and start practicing.

Mattress dominoes


To overcome this record you need to have the participation of more than 2,016 people, which is the figure in which the previous attempt for knock down mattresses in a domino.

More shirts placed per minute

If you think you can make the most of the 60 seconds a minute has and you want to do it by putting on one shirt after another you will have to repeat that action more than 32 times.

Dance to the hula hoop in a group


A total of 480 people have the Guinness record In this feat. Therefore, if you bring together a greater number of people willing to move the skeleton with a hoop, do not hesitate to sign up for this challenge.

Smurfs meeting

Yes you are of able to bring together more than 4,000 people dressed as Smurf, you will be included in the Guinness book of records.

Highest tower with Lego pieces


Lovers Lego You will enjoy this feat. The size to overcome are the 31 meters high.


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