These are the sectors that will boost the labor market in 2019

These are the sectors that will boost the labor market in 2019

Although the labor market begins to show signs of slowdown, some sectors such as tourism and the automotive industry will continue to promote the creation of employment in Spain in 2019, according to an analysis conducted by the human resources company Randstad. Tourism is one of the pillars of the national economy (last year the best data on international arrivals was recorded, with more than 82 million visitors, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism). For this reason, catering and catering will be the main activities that stimulate employment. Regarding profiles, Wanted waiters, cooks and workers of leisure activities and entertainment.

The automotive sector also has good prospects for 2019. The registrations of cars and SUVs in Spain grew by 7% over the past year, according to data from the Spanish Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Trucks (Anfac), Faconauto and Ganvam , so that the sector will have a positive impact on employment. Good data will have a greater impact in regions such as Aragón, Cataluña, Galicia, Navarra and Comunidad Valenciana, both by the international companies that manufacture their vehicles in these regions and by the auxiliary industry of components and parts.

Food is also gaining importance in recent years. More than half a million people work directly in this sector, according to data from the Spanish Federation of the Food and Beverage Industry (FIAB), while its turnover exceeds 100,000 million euros. Castilla la Mancha. Castilla y León, Cantabria, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja and Murcia are the communities where the agri-food sector will have the greatest impact on employment. In addition, it will gain weight in other regions such as Andalucía, Aragón and Comunidad Valenciana. On the other hand, the rise of electronic commerce is driving the needs of employment in the logistics sector, especially in specific campaigns such as Easter, sales, summer or Christmas.

The most sought after requirements by companies when incorporating talent are the experience, customer orientation and language proficiency (English is positioned as an indispensable requirement in many jobs). Further, Digital competences are gaining strength in recent years as a determining factor when choosing new workers.


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